Dé Sathairn, Iúil 26, 2008

Mise Éire

It's been well over six years since I last added anything to sibeliusmusic.com but today I've added my first proper composition. I wrote a bit when I was in my teens, as many musicians do, but on hindsight it was nothing but rubbish on a monumental scale. Why haven't I taken it off the site? I suppose as it meant something then - also a bit of a self-reassurance, hoping that I've progressed since then.

I think I've now started in earnest to develop things I've been gabbling about for years. I hope! Irish music has brought a lot to my life, in fact it has shaped a lot of what I produce in various ways. I now aim to use that toolkit to produce my own music, hopefully reproducing within it something of myself.

Mise Éire score

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